Entry 2: 02JAN20

The beginning of the year consist of “NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS”. It can be something very small; “I’m going to wake up earlier and start my day earlier”, to something very drastic; “I’m going to stop smoking cigarettes cold turkey!”. But the problem with these are being CONSISTENT. How often do you actually stick to your resolution? Do you make a resolution so big that you stop after the first or second day?

Through the years I’ve made resolutions similar to what I said. Specifically the cigarette one, which I actually did after 15+ years. But I found myself quitting over and over again. And saying to myself as it got closer to another New Year that I’ll choose the same resolution. How does one really stick to it?

Statistically speaking, it takes 21 days to either MAKE or BREAK a habit. that’s about 3-4 weeks. In reality, that’s not that many days to stay consistent to make something become second nature. Once it becomes a norm in your daily life, things just get easier and easier.

I found that as long as you can pass that “consistency line”, that moment when you realize you don’t have to force or remind yourself about your resolution anymore, BAM! You got it down. From then on, its…


It is YOUR choice to either keep it or lose it. Nobody is responsible if you stop but YOU. As cliche as it sounds, it really is a brand new year. Really treat it as a “Brand New Start”, a “New Chapter”. Reset to be able to BETTER YOURSELF. You know the fuckups that you did last year and all the years before that. You know what bad choices you’ve made. Learn from em, Understand em, Analyze em. Once you see ALL the negative in YOURSELF, from that point on you SHOULD know how to better yourself. YOU know what YOU have to do. Thug it the first couple weeks. As much as you do not want to, or all the excuses you’re making up to avoid it, all you gotta do is thug it out for 21 days. And see how you feel about it then.

I’m not writing all this to tell anybody what to do. I am simply explaining how I follow through with Resolutions. The way I choose to stay consistent. It is…


To take this however you feel you are comprehending this entry. I feel even more motivated to follow through with a lot this year because not only it was the end of a year, but an end to a decade. So, this is like a fresh FRESH start. Good luck everyone, and really TRY this time. Really put some thought in and appreciation of what and WHY you are choosing this New Years Resolution. It is to better Y O U.

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