Entry 3: 03JAN20

Do you set goals for yourself for the year? What thought processes do you go through to figure out what goals you want to go for? Some people have vision boards, some keep it all mental, some like myself have notebooks.

For the longest time I’ve always been one of those “mental” goal makers. As in, I wouldn’t write shit down, I would only visually see it in my head, and that’s where I kept them tucked away for the year; at-least until I execute them. But as of late last year, which was like a few months ago, I started to really write things down.

A lot of times when I would write ideas, they weren’t even full on sentences, actually a lot of times they were drawings like a storyboard I didn’t know I was creating. I realized that taking notes is a really good outlet. It’s raw. Like going back to basics of art. It feels HELLA good picking up a pencil and my sketchbook after weeks and months of nonstop painting and or digital stuff. Or reading an actual book after months reading books from a kindle. The words and ideas just flowed onto the paper with all these ideas that I didn’t even really put too much thought into. Which sparked into another, which sparked into ANOTHER idea. As kids we were taught this as a “Mind Map”.

As, I started my 2020 notebook today of goals, notes, it made me think of how other people do this. I pretty much take a notebook and break each page down into sections: Painting Ideas, Graphic Ideas, Photography Ideas, Video Edit Ideas, and all other things that I want to dabble in creativly. Within these sections, not only I have ideas but I also have side notes. Such as, equipment I discovered that I want to look more into, or certain sites or youtubers that I discovered that can help me advance my learning of the craft.

The more I do this, the more M O T I V A T E D I become and that fire in me burns hotter and hotter. This shit makes me even more hunger because I can visually see on paper all the opportunities that I have as a creative. All this motivation even isn’t for the gram, or for any type of social media platform (obviously I am going to utilize all the platforms to have my work seen) but all this is proof of how much I can grow as an artist, as a creative, as a person in this world who believes he is meant to be much more than he is as of today.

Grab a notebook, put down all the things you want to do this year. Not even just this year either, put down all the things you want to do in life. As long as it is to better Y O U R S E L F. Don’t do all this for anybody, don’t try to better yourself just to prove to somebody you’re actually worth something and not useless, there is no REAL satisfaction in that. The real satisfaction is being able to look back at yourself and be able to say “I DID THAT SHIT!” Whatever it may be, what ever your heart desires, whatever your P A S S I O N is. Being able to visually see what you want, it will help you figure out ways on HOW to get it, it will make you want to do research and learn more. The more you learn, the more you are going to learn about yourself. Now, all this that I am saying right now, it does come down to…


(ask yourself these questions when you're lazy to work on your craft)

If you want to stay stagnate in life, well then, thats all on you homie…

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