Entry 4: 04JAN20

F A M I L Y.

I understand that a lot of families are broken out there in this world. Some families even fuck each other over. That saying....


Means a whole lot to me. I was raised by that. And I was reminded of that my whole life. Even as a grown man, I still live by that. Some folks grew up, not having a huge family and their really close friends that they grew up with are their family. I had the privilege of growing up in a big close family. And as I was growing up into the man I am today, from experience, I learned that I couldn’t trust anybody BUT my family.

Every time that I was ever down, my family was always there. Not to judge me, or to make fun of me. Sometimes they would even take it upon themselves to NOT bring up whatever I am going through and just make sure that I’m happy and having a good time. Every art show that I have ever had so far, I ALWAYS had family with me. Kickin it with me. Helping me sell my art and promoting me. They are my support system. And I can tell you that that’s all I need.

Today, I was able to kick it with all my cousins on my pops side. And as I was kickin it, I took a step back and really just take in the love, joy, togetherness and really felt that genuine happiness. Just seeing everyone laughing and enjoying themselves and knowing that shit hasn’t changed since my cousins and I were young and kickin it. Now, of course, we’re all grown, mostly all my cousins are married and have kids of their own. But just seeing my nieces and nephews being together just like me and my cousins back in the day, makes the most happy. I’m a home body, I rarely go out with homies, go clubbin or bar hoopin. I’d honestly rather be at my cousins house on a Friday/Saturday night and do what I would do (drink and smoke) but in a “safe zone”.

For all you youngsters out there, I hope you understand that as you get older, your age number goes up while the number of friends go down. You are going to go through experiences in your young life showing you how REAL people around you can really get. You will be going through situations where you get slapped with the realization that your really good homie, isn’t that good of a homie after all. It could be something small as an argument, to a situation where you hella need them, BUT they don’t come through for you. Having a good judgment of character plays a big part in all this.

I learned at a young age to watch people’s actions more than listening to their words. You can catch a lot of “red flags” within a person, IF you are watching a little more than you’re listening. People know the good things about others, but will ALWAYS REMEMBER the bad. There will be times where you will remember a lot more bad things about a person than good and that is where you have the opportunity to really figure out this person and how close you want this person to be to you. You do not have to let EVERYONE one in; letting people pass the personal line.

The times we live in today is all about showing everyone how “A M A Z I N G” their life is because of social media. It’s toxic to use social media for showing and or letting people in into your personal life. Why? Why are people so interested into seeing other people’s lives? To compare? Comparing your life to some else’s is one of the most annoying things that i see and hear. Just because another person has nicer MATERIALISTIC items than you, DOES NOT make that person better to than you.

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