Entry 6: 06JAN20

Monday Blues….

I want to try something every week. Mondays, for a lot of people, is thee slowest day of the week. Coming fresh off the weekend. Some are hungover, some are super lazy and not want to do shit. Which means you guys have time to read….. So, with that said, Every Monday I will go more in depth of the thought process of a painting. And what better than to do the first one, WITH the first piece.

So a little background of my painting career. I never painted until about 2015. When I was younger I had an opportunity to paint. I tried it, but I couldn’t manipulate the paint the way I wanted it to. So, I gave up right there and then and never picked a paintbrush up until 2015. During this time of my life, I was super on and off about pursuing an art career. I would be down and super motivated, then I would get lazy and stop. I would do this over and over again since I was like a teenager. It took me about 12 years to finally say, “IMMA DO THIS!” And I remember the exact day when I said that to myself.

My cousin Joel, ALWAYS supported my talents, dreams, everything. He always has my back. His coworker was actually a Bay Area artist who made it big in the custom painted shirt game around 2003-2007ish. He even had Filthy Dripped store in Berkeley, CA. He made it. Since Joel and him was really good homies, Joel would talk me up to him. One day I was kickin it with Joel,

“Wanna kick it at Lloyds for a min? Smoke and chop it up..”

“Hell yea im down”

We pull up and his garage was open and he was actually painting. Joel did the typical introduction,

“This my cousin Ryan, he the one that draws and shit.”

From that point on, all we did was chop it up. A whole lot of inspiration, and straight game and knowledge of the game was said. Then the question came up,


To be honest, I never gave that question a real thought and a real answer. That day, I figured out the REAL FUCKIN ANSWER to that question. Not no bullshit excuse like, “well I aint got no money”, or “man I be hella busy”. I finally came to the realization that the answer was literally..


Nothing was fuckin stopping me. Once you put all your problems aside and look for a solution instead, man i swear your motivation and drive hits that NOS button and you gone! That was the day and what was said to get me into this mind state for the first time not slowing down. He also brought up one more thing.

“I got an art show coming up, bring a piece, put that shit up, and sell that bitch”

So, I did. Not only did I bring one, I brought 3 more to come along with it. Not only this was the first painting, but it was the first one I ever sold as well at that art show.

“Scared Money, Don’t Make Money”

is a saying that Joel used to tell me all the time, every time he was giving me one of those inspirational “man you got hella talent, use that shit!” Type talks. It never fails to kick it with him and he hypes me up to really try and get it out there. This saying is true, hella of us got money problems, but the real problem is you not figuring out HOW TO SAVE MONEY. Or even utilize your money correctly. There’s a solution for damper every excuse there is to not pursuing your passion. You just have to figure it out. Its not easy, but can tell you right now, as long as you’re consistent, its hella fun.

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