Entry 7: 07JAN20

Tuesdays = Gym Daze

So, to be honest, im really not one of those gym rats, I actually don’t really like the gym. But I aint getting any younger, I gotta make sure that when I have kids, I can still play with em. Shit really goes down the moment you hit 30. At 30, my acid reflux got more acidic, my lactose intolerant got eve more intolerant, I got gout. You really notice a lot more about your body at this age. I really go to the gym just to stay healthy. I don’t need no six pack, dad bod all day. I don’t need to be all ripped and yolked. I just need to make sure I stay consistent of my weight and health.

Im actually a pretty basic dude at the gym. Cardio for the first 15-20 min. Then I lift. Depending on the day, I usually workout my chest and arms. I can’t have chestacles. I want it at least toned. I do have leg/ab day (well atlleast try to). And then I stretch and cool down. My workouts are around an hour to an hour and a half. Depending on energized I am. Or having hella steam to let out.

It took me awhile to get into the gym. What made me want to was noticing my belly getting bigger. Like big to the point where it was kind of hard to just tie my damn shoes. And stairs were all bad for me. I would breathe hella hard and all that. I just knew I needed to at least tone it down a bit. I took weight training back in high school, so I at least know what im doing in a gym environment. I just had to get a routine back together and all that. Luckily one of my potnas/coworkers use to be a personal trainer. He’s vegan and the whole shabang. So I gotta say I trust him. I learn new workouts and just make sure my forms cool, so I don’t fuck myself up.

This is one of those things where its really hard to be CONSITENT. But its like what I said in one of my earlier entries, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Once you get used to the gym, Its just going to become a routine. Its going to eventually feel weird to NOT go to the gym on your usual gym day. All you gotta do is push yourself, you don’t have to go everyday. But at least more than once a week. Even if its two. Once you start seeing results, you’re going to want to go even harder.

This video was a little trial run I wanted to try out. I never shot a video for somebody, I barely even started learning how to edit too much yet. But I asked him if it was cool if I can shoot him a little promo workout video.

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