Waddup 2020

First and foremost I would like to say

HAPPY NEW YEARS and WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE! After a few years of actually deciding to try and really take art seriously and really trying to get my name out there in this dog eat dog creative world. I have finally got my things together and created this site.

This site is going to play two significant rolls in the new chapter of my creative career. One roles is that it will act as an online portfolio (for all you folks out there thinking to get graphic designs/logos, paintings, photoshoot, etc. done). The second roll is this blog. I wanted a platform more than Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, etc. to really explain not who I am as a person but who I am through my art. I want to be able to really fully explain the meaning, the thought process, the idea that sparked my work.

As you follow along and get to know my work, I hope that along the way you’ll notice some things in common between me and you; the reader. Some of you might realize we have a lot in common. From having the same interests in, music, tv shows, all the way to even having similarities in childhood.

Regardless of the outcome of how you see this site, I hope at the end you not only looked at my work, but actually was interested in what I have to say. BUT, If not, well then, just know, you’re still reading this and looking through this site. With that said...


my name is Rhino the REJECT

and I am a C R E A T I V E

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